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The smiling couple above are Willie and Elaine Oliver, Directors of Family Ministries for the global Seventh-day Adventist Church.  During this COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. and Mrs. Oliver have been sharing some tips for handling family life stress as we shelter in place at our homes.  Things may get a bit frustrating with everyone in the family at home together so much of the time along with the strain of financial and health concerns, home schooling, etc.

     When the pressures of family life become challenging to cope with, the Olivers suggest using a quick and simple system for keeping things calm and under control.  They call this system "PPC".  The first "P" stands for PAUSE.  Pause for a moment and take a deep breath.  The second "P" stands for PRAY.  Ask God to help you be patient, kind, loving and to handle the situation wisely.  The "C" stands for CHOOSE.  Choose a way to react to the situation that is appropriate, constructive, and Christlike.  Click HERE to watch Dr. and Mrs Oliver explain how to implement PPC in your home.



Worship Service Guest Speaker - Our guest speaker for April 25, 2020 will be Pastor Jim Brown, who served for 36 years as a Seventh-day Adventist minister before retiring in 2010. Pastor Brown pastored in Oklahoma for 12 years in various locations, then spent the remainder of his ministry in the Potomac Conference— 5 years at Lynchburg, Virginia, and 19 years at the Seabrook SDA Church in Lanham, Maryland. He has been married to Nedra Goodwin Brown (alumna of TAA) for 54 years. Pastor and Mrs. Brown have three children and six grandchildren. They say they are “happy to be back in Oklahoma.”

Church Roof Repair - A few weeks ago during a heavy rain storm, the church roof began to leak in the hallway near the men's restroom.  The roofing company was called and promptly repaired the leaking area of the roof.  Thank you to all who have been donating to the roof fund, your continued support enables us to repair and eventually replace our aging church roof.



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