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Are you Pregnant?


At our church, we have quite a few ladies that are pregnant. Actually one just gave birth here a few days ago! Shootout to the Vargas family! Congratulations on Addison coming into the world. It's very hard not to think about the birth of Jesus at a time like this, not just the pregnant ladies and the giving birth, but also because Christmas is right around the corner. And yes I know that Jesus most likely wasn't born on the 25th of December and He may not have even been born in December. But this post isn’t about when He was born but rather the fact that He was born!

Think about this, it was a woman that came from a very questionable background that was the one that brought Jesus into the world. Like God choose this lineage that was filled with murderers and adulterers, there are prostitutes and all kinds of foolishness to bring Jesus into the world. I guess it makes sense when He says that He will use the foolish things of this world to expose the wise things of this world. So now we have Mary, birthing Jesus into this world, but the truth of the matter is she was not the only one called to bring Jesus to the world.

We were called to bring Jesus to the world. And if you are curious about what the world is that is your family—yes your children and your spouse—your job, your friends and even to the people we don't like. How do we bring Jesus to them? Well, we are His representatives. Paul says that he is crucified with Christ, he doesn't live but Christ lives in him. Are you pregnant? Do you have Christ living in you? Are you carrying Him into the world?

If you do not want to carry Christ into the world because you don't see yourself as worthy or because you don't come from a good background, this Christmas I encourage you to look at the lineage of Mary—I promise yours is not worse. God uses the foolish things of this world to expose the wise, all to show His power and what He can do for those that trust Him. So I leave with this question going into Christmas, are you pregnant? Blessings and Have a Happy Week and Merry Christmas! 


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