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Don't Drive Without a Spare Tire!


We have all been in tough situations right? What makes a situation more tough—at least for myself—is when you could have done something prior to make it less worse of a situation. This past week I was in a tough situation. And I could have done something prior to make it less worse. What was it you might be wondering? It was a flat tire.

Now if you are wondering, “Samson how could you have made it less worse?” Well, by having a spare tire, that was not flat as well. My head elder at church, James told me, when my tire went flat the first time, that I should not be driving around without a functional spare tire. What was I thinking? Well I was thinking a few things; “I would be fine”, “I will get it fixed later in the week’’—all the stuff you tell yourself to procrastinate.

If going through that experience has taught me one thing, it’s this, Don't drive without a spare! It’s interesting because I believe that sometimes as Christians we drive without spare tires. What do I mean? I mean by starting your day with Jesus. How do you start your day? The way you start your day is the way your day tends to go!

Starting your day with a good devotional reading from the word or spending time with God in prayer is a way that we put the spare tire in the back trunk—and make sure it isn’t flat! We may go many days without needing the “spare tire”, or in this case we may go many days without thinking deep about the devotional we read that morning. But the truth is there will come days that the devotional we read that morning will carry you through the day and without it we would have fallen apart, or “we would have been stuck on the side of the road.”—which trust me isn’t fun.

I can remember many times that my devotional gave me what I needed to make it through the day and other times where I would wrestle with the Bible, not really knowing what was happening in the passage. Spending time with God is one thing that never goes wasted but each day binds us closer in our relationship with Him. I encourage you to spend time in the morning with God, and make sure not to drive a single day without a spare tire—TRUST ME! Blessings and Happy Week!

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