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Get Better!!!


So for those that don't know, I have been sick, and I have been sick for about 5 days now. Now before you mind jumps to, “OH NO, he must have the Covid-19!”. I just want to let you know that I did get tested, and the results came back negative, praise God, so my quarantine does not have to be 14-days. Praise the Lord, as much as I like chilling at the house in my bed feeling miserable all by myself—says no one ever.

Any who, something took place this weekend that hasn't really taken place in my ministry thus far—even though it's only been a year and a few months. I missed a church service! I never thought that I would miss a day of church, because that is one of the biggest aspects of my job, the time when I get to visit with people and connect through a message or in person, especially during the kind of season that we are in, Covid-19 times I like to say.

I was talking with one of my elders along with one of the guys that hired me—basically my boss. They both were saying the same kind of thing. Rest! It's interesting in those times when we need to recover, do we actually take that time? For me this was a physical sickness, but it could be emotionally spiritually or mentally.

We are constantly running around and sometimes we don't know when to stop and slow down—like trying to go to church and preach even with a cold. Maybe for you it's not slowing down from work and taking time with the family, maybe it is taking a break from media to focus on your relationship with God and those around you, or it could even be a time for you to read on a subject and get stronger mentally speaking.

The Jesus says the words in Mark chapter 6, come rest a while! What is the purpose of the rest? The same reason why I stayed home for 5 days, to get stronger. And for us we have to ask ourselves, what areas do I need to get stronger? Let me sit down and take a break from what’s distracting me from getting stronger in this area and let’s get better.

My prayer for this week is for us to get better. What area do you feel could be better? What do you need rest from in order to focus in on that area? You will come out of you rest period not just better, but you will come out stronger over all, and you will be able to be a bigger blessing than you were before. Take time this week, and do what I did. Blessings and Happy Week.

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