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God is Right There


It’s so interesting were life can take you. This can be in a positive direction or it can be in a negative direction. We wake up and it has been 5 years, for some of us, we wake up and it’s been 10, 15 maybe 20? I hope not 50!—If your reading this and it’s been 50 years thanks for making it to this web page!— and the rough part is we may ask ourselves the question, “how did I get here?” Now, whether you wake up and you love your life and where you are at, or whether you wake up, and strongly dislike where you are at in life, you have to keep reading!

SO, I was reading in John chapter 4 about the woman and the well. Now if you have never heard of that story please go get a Bible and turn to that story! This woman is a Samaritan woman, so pretty much a religious reject. And not only that, but she hadn’t made the best choices in life—something that we may be able to relate with, including myself. That makes her a reject within a rejected community, so much so, this woman would go to the well at noon when the water was HOT and no one was around. Talk about rough life.

But something interesting in the story takes place, Jesus comes by and waits at the well for her. JESUS. GOES TO THE WELL. AND WAITS FOR HER! This blows my mind completely because imagine this, Jesus knew exactly where this woman was going to be and waits for her there. Now this is talking geographically, like Jesus knew where her location was going to be at, but I believe this was spiritually speaking as well! Like Jesus knew that she was going to be born into the family she was born into, Samaritan. And Jesus knew the mistakes that she was going to make, and still met her exactly where she was.

At times I feel like the Samaritan woman. I haven’t made the greatest choices in life, and I still struggle at times making the best choices, maybe you can relate. Either way, I am here to tell you that Jesus has been at the well waiting for us. Like if you woke up this morning and you are thinking to yourself, “I am not where I thought I would be” I am here to tell you God is right there next to you! God wants to use us to do mighty things! Did I tell you the Samaritan woman was use to convert her whole town!? God is right there where you and I are and I believe that is something we need to not forget! Blessings and happy week! 

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