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Growing in Praise


I know that this might be a shocker for you, especially those that know me. but I am not the most positive person all the time. I get discouraged often and easy and it is usually in the times when I am alone, left with my thoughts. I can remember times when I would come home after preaching a sermon and I would be left alone in my thoughts, and discouragement just finds a way to kick in. You might find yourself the same way? Do you find yourself being negative? Thinking of all the areas you need help in but you aren't getting the help that you wish you had? Or what about at times when you look at what everyone has around you and thinking to yourself, "Man I wish I had that." Only to get the thing you want and realize you are still not satisfied. Yup, that is a rough place to be in I can tell you that, especially from experience. 

But as of lately we have been on a sermon series at our church on the Power in Praise, and I have been eating it up like crazy! This has been by far my most favorite series that has taken place thus far. Because what I am finding myself doing is growing in praise. For those that might be confused by the term "growing in praise" let me break it down for you. So when we began this series, I had been excited before, but as we've been going through it, I have been noticing a change in my personal character, over time. 

This has been the series that has brought me noticeably closer to the character of Christ than any series that has taken place thus far. Praise is becoming more and more powerful day by day. I use the term growing because I still have a long way to go. I still struggle. But God has been challenging me to praise Him literally in every situation, and it brings life. 

I also use the term growing, because for you guys out there you might have been like me. When you see that growth, you get excited. The situation at work, you praised. The situation at church, you praise. the situation at home, you praised. And it felt good, it felt fulfilling. But then you run across those moments where you don't praise, but you give in to the anger or the frustration or the sadness, and once you realize that it makes you more discouraged. Well, I am here to tell you, you are growing in praise. And that is okay. Grow! 

be comfortable enough to realize that God is taking you somewhere. And though you may not be there yet, God is sitting in the Pilot seat flying you there. Day by day trust Him. Day by day Praise Him. Let's grow in Praise together. I am better than I was last year and my hope is that I will be better at praising Him in the next year. May that be our prayer. That we may be growing in praise. Blessing and Happy Week! 




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