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How to Start with Praise


Fail moment. I just want to share with you how the enemy try’s to play with our heads. This last week I have been learning some of the biggest lessons when it came to praise. One of those lessons is how important it is to spend time in the morning praising God. Not just saying, “thank you God for waking me up this week.” But really praising Him for all that you have in your life. Yes that includes what you worked for and the things that you think you deserve because at the end of the day, it is God that brings all good things. 

But as I continued into the week the enemy got me really discouraged and in my head—can you image that the enemy trying to get us. I woke up in the morning several times and chose to be discouraged rather to pray, and I really thought that I had no option. Have you ever felt like that? Felt Like you have no option but to be discouraged? I am here to tell you that is a lie the enemy is trying to feed you, because it was what he fed me.

Just like we choose to be discouraged we can choose to praise. And I am not talking about one of those fake it praise moments. But I mean genuinely praise Him. It starts with a single step. Can you take a single step? That step is to pray God opens your eyes and look around. 2 kings 6:17-20 is a story of a man’s eyes that need to be opened to see how much the Lord is at work. We need to pray and ask God to open our eyes.

Where is God at work? What has He done for you? What is the good that you currently have? And this is what is amazing, even if you can’t find anything we know that God is one the throne. We can praise God that He wins in this great controversy. We can praise Him that anything we are going through right now is not worthy to be compared to the glory that shall be revealed in us.

After that day I can’t say that I never was tempted to go back to discouragement. But God is teaching me day by day that it is a discussion to enter into disappointment or praise. I can choose to focus on what I don't have or I can focus on what I do have. What do you have? What can you praise God for today? My goal is to begin my day with praise, and though I know I may not be perfect at doing it, I know God has made that available to me and He has done the same for you. Let us start our day with praise and not leave the enemy to push in discouragement. And if you feel stuck just ask God to open your eyes! Blessings and Happy Week

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