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Making Decisions?


For those that don't know, I am horrible with making decisions. I have no idea if it is between my lack of motivation at times or my creativity. Let me explain. When it comes to making decisions because of the creativity I have, I am able to see the bad and good of any situation. It is a gift but it's a curse at the same time. The reason I say that is because it makes making decisions so much harder. I can see good in a rough situation and I can see the bad in a seemingly great situation. But also, when it comes to too many choices and I am very prone to get decision fatigue because I have no clue what to do! And it stresses me out! Maybe you know what I am talking about—theoretically or from experience.

So what do you do when it comes to making decisions? For example, sure that is the school you've always wanted to get into, but how do you know if that is the one with the most benefits and growth for you? It can be the same thing with a job, a spouse, where you live and even what you’re doing with your life and the lives of those all around you. There is a huge responsibility placed on your shoulders when it comes to decisions, but I don't believe anyone is called to make those big type of decisions on their own.

We like the verse Proverbs 3:5, a verse that we are all familiar with, but in verse 6 is the secret to our decision dilemma. It tells us that if we acknowledge God—in the planning process; in the times of trying to figure things out; when the stress brings you to breaking point—that He will direct our path. It doesn't say that we will feel Him direct our path or that we will see Him direct it, but rather that we can have faith that He is directing it even if it seems we are alone.

Pray. Ask God to join you in the decision making process. He can make a situation that seems bad be the greatest decision. He can bring good out of the bad, great out of the small. He sees with eyes that penetrate through the visible into the invisible. He can and will help us. And when we look back we will see the hand of our Lord directing us all through the way. Trust in God today is my prayer. Blessings and Happy Week.

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