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She said yes, what about us?


So if you haven’t found out yet, I don't have a girlfriend anymore. Yup, that’s right. Pastor Samson now has a fiancé! If you were able to follow along this last church service than this is old news to you. I just want to take you along the journey. Dating Natali was a very interesting experience for me, because since I met her, I knew that I would end up marrying her. But for some reason still asking her to marry me was a very nerve-wrecking experience. Like moments before I asked her, we were eating dinner with her family and I could barely eat. And it didn't help that she would constantly ask why I wasn't eating—now you know love. And when I asked her, oh boy, I was SHAKING! And when she said yes, my heart was at peace.

But why? Why was all of this a big deal? I literally knew she was going to say yes. We’ve had several conversations about the future. We had the pre-engagement counseling. Everything was all set and all I had to do was ask, but why was I more nervous than I have ever been in my life? And then to hear the word, yes.

Well I don't actually have the answer to why I was nervous, even though there are some good articles out there to answer the question. What I want to discuss is how God feels about us. It’s interesting because God knew me before I was formed in my mother’s womb. And He has loved me with an everlasting love. Jesus knew that He was on his way to a cross. And when Jesus Died on the cross, that was His proposal to us. And the question I have is are we going to say yes?


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