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Slowing Down is OK!


One of the greatest pieces of advice that was given to me was, “Slowing down is not a sin, as a matter of fact it will do more good for you than bad.” Last week I felt like I was running around more than usual. I was running around so much that I forgot to make a blog post for—which I would like to publicly apologize for right now. But that has been my life for some time now, trying to do everything. The thing that is dangerous is if we have a lot of ambition to do a lot of things we can either; get paralyzed and not do anything or we can end up doing it all—both cases aren’t good by the way.

Think about it this way when you are running around all the time, you can easily miss what God is trying to do in someone’s life or worse, what He is trying to do in your life. I have ambitions to do things at the church, things with my devotional life, things with my social media, things with family and my girlfriend. But the truth is we can easily end up getting overwhelmed or busy. The goal isn’t to live a busy life, but a fulfilled life.

Could you imagine if Jesus ran to every appointment? The random people that cried out to Jesus on the side of the road would have been missed. The majority of miracles that have taken place happened as Jesus was walking from one place to another—not running. What have I decided to do? I’ve decided that less is more. I have decided that I am going to allow God to work something in and through me, rather trying to work something out for myself.

God desires to use us, but that question we have to ask ourselves—again myself included—is are we going to slow down enough to hear His voice? My devotional life became simplified. My goals have become simplified. My prayer requests have been simplified. It is no longer about having a big well, but rather a deep one. Why ask God for more when you can ask Him to deepen what you have. Blessings and Happy Week!

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