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Staying Hydrated


So a few weeks ago, I left my water bottle at my fiancé’s house—it felt good to call her that. Now, for those of you who don't know. Your pastor had a problem with not drinking water. Like I can go days and days—and days if you can’t see by the intensity of this—until I realize that I haven’t taken a sip of water. The only times that I remember to take a drink is if I am playing basketball, working out, or if it is just a really hot day. Other than that I never really pay attention to how much water I am taking into my body. Now that we’ve gotten that out the way. Finally, I got a water bottle! And not like the cheap kind that you take to the gym, but a hydro flask—thanks Natali if you’re reading this. Ever since getting this water bottle, I cannot even tell you how much water I have been drinking, tons and tons, that is until I left it at my fiancé’s house. 

Now, if you have been hydrating yourself for about four months, and then you go a week without having your water bottle reminder next to you, that does something to you. I was struggling. My mouth was constantly dry, and I could feel my stomach aching. Mind you a normal person would just get up and get water when they are thirsty, but nope not me, I need a water bottle to remind me—don't ruin an analogy with the facts. 

How many times is this us with God? We have tasted and seen that the Lord is good, but somehow we can still go time and time again without water, or in this case, Him. That can be through our prayer life, through reading the word, sharing Him with others, or even just keeping Him in mind with decisions that we make or things that we do. Think about it this way, God longs for a connection with you, but do we long for a connection with Him? Like that intense I-haven’t-had-any-water-in-days type of longing? Like, as the deer pants for water? 

Now check this, just because I had water at some point in my life, that does not mean that I will never need to drink water again. I went four months strong with having that water bottle there, but still, after not having it for one week I was dying. The same is for our Christian walk, it’s not just about experiencing God one time in our lives, but it is about constantly experiencing Him every day. It’s not about the fact that you were on fire when you were younger, but are you on fire not? Not smiling at our connection then but focusing on our connection now. Are we doing that? Or are we dehydrated Christians? Stay Hydrated my friends especially as we are on this 21 day fast and prayer, no better time. Blessings and Happy Week! 


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