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The Awakening Desire

Have you ever heard of the statement, “You don't know what you have until its gone”? If you never heard of this statement then you may have experienced it before, like with toilet paper, I know we’ve all been there—some more than others, myself included. But we have also experienced it when it comes to a job we might have lost, maybe a town that you used to live in and now wish to go back, or even someone that we are no longer are with, whether it was a death or disagreements.

There is something about an absence that awakens a need for a presence. In my Christian walk—and you may be able to relate—there have been countless amounts of times when this too has been the case. There have been moments when I thought to myself, where is God in this situation? How come it feels like I am alone? How come it seems that God is busy doing something else? And for me when those times have come it was so easy for me to get discouraged.

Not sure what it might be for you? But it could be a busy schedule, and it seems like God isn’t helping you to figure things out. It could be things going wrong in the midst of a busy schedule and it seems that God is not taking your situations seriously. It could also be things going wrong in life in general, loss of a job, loss of a loved one, loss of something important to you. And what tends to happen to many of us? We stop trusting God, we walk away from Him—and yes this is me at times too. And for some of us maybe it’s been a long time since you truly trusted God because He hasn't shown up for you. You go to church and still go through the routine but it is lifeless—and if it sounds like I know, it is because I have been there!

What I think is funny, is when we run out of toilet paper do we get discouraged and say to ourselves, “Welp guess I have to use my hand”? NO! Well at least I haven’t gotten to that level. What happens instead is I have a desire now to go to the closet and get more, or go to the store to get more. I go and seek what I am missing! That should be the case with God. The Bible tells us in Jeremiah 29:13, “you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for me with all your heart.”

When we have moments where we are sensing God’s absence it should awaken a desire for His presence! We should seek Him with everything that is in us in order to find Him. This is a lesson I have to remind myself, and God reminds me of it as well. When I have moments that I feel as though God is not there, I go and seek Him! And whatever I am currently facing He wipes away—no pun intended.

Do you feel as though God may not be present in your situation? Maybe in the past? Most likely you will feel it in the future. I encourage you to seek God’s presence! Jeremiah 29:13 was written when the children of Israel was going into a season where it felt like God wouldn't be there. But it was going to awaken a desire to seek God! And God showed up. I encourage you to seek God in those seasons, I encourage you to seek God this week and He will show up. Blessing and Happy Week!

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