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Watching over your body?


The human body is remarkable—trust me, I took an Anatomy and Physiology class in College. The human body watches out for the human body all the time. Don't believe me? This last week I woke up Wednesday morning, and my ankle felt totally shattered—if you are wondering what I did, let me know when you find out because I have no idea. I played basketball the day before and I went running the day before that, but I didn't feel anything happen to my ankle.

             So as I was getting out of bed, I tried to get up. As I put pressure on my ankle something fascinating happened. My knee bent forward, almost like it was saying, “Relax! Ankle isn’t feeling well, there is no way we can put pressure on him.” And my hands rushed to hold my leg, almost like my hands were checking in with my ankle by saying, “Ankle are you ok? What happened.” I know what some of you might be thinking, “Samson, you are being extra.” But follow me, the body is so quick to work together to avoid pain as much as possible!

              Let me tell you what you would not see. You would not see your ankle saying, “Yeah knee, don't worry about it, I think I can handle it, you don't need to bend.” Or the knee refusing to bend because there is nothing wrong with the knee, it's the ankle with the problem! But for some reason when we are called the “body” of Christ, we do that to others. Accepting helping and seeking to give help is what makes us Christian!

              What do you do when someone is in need? A friend? A family member? Church member? A church member that you think is annoying and that you don't like too much? That person at work that you try to stay away from? We are called to demonstrate to the world the love of God. The Bible tells us the thing that makes us children of God is the way we treat one another (Matthew 5:43-48). We are the body of Christ! And we are to work together to help one another in everything and anything we face. Are you watching over your body? I challenge you this week to be intentional about looking out for those at your work, those in your house, members at your church. Even if it is just a quick check in during these times that we are living in at this moment. You will be surprised at how much of a blessing it will be for them. Blessings and Happy Week!

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