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What Are Your Spiders?


I remember it was labor day weekend and my girlfriend and I wanted to go hiking—just want to make sure I clarify, I don't like hiking but I like my girlfriend and she likes hiking thus we went hiking. The trail was called Indian Creek. This trail was about 5.4 miles round trip. And according to the “All Trails” app, this trail was categorized as hard. Also if I remember correctly the temperature was so hot, you would walk and start sweating—am I trying to make this sound as bad as possible? Yes. But the thing that bothered me the most, was not any of the things that I mentioned. The thing that bothered me the most was the spider webs that you would be constantly running into while one the trail. It was like every three seconds there would be a spider web that we would hit—even though I was leading and it was me that mostly got the rough end. Natali if you are reading this, I love you.

It is interesting how something as small as a spider web can ruin a great experience that you are trying to have with someone that is close to you. If I wanted to, while on the hike, I could have complained about the spider webs the whole time, or the heat, or the length of the trail. And the same thing goes for us when it comes to our relationship with God. If we want to we can focus and complain about the things that we are facing. Or if we want, we can focus on the company that we have, God.

What are your spider webs? What is keeping you from enjoying the presence of God? The Bible tells us that where ever we go, God is going to be with us till the end of the age. We have a God that sympathizes with us. He isn’t afar off watching us go through trails with all these spider webs, cheering for us, saying “you can do it!” Not at all! God is right there next to you leading you through the spider webs and if we look close enough we will even see that He is in the front taking most of the hits. I encourage us this week not to pay attention to the spider webs but rather, focus in on how you are in good company. Blessings and Happy Week!

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