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What Christ did for you


If you are ever wondering what the pastor thinks about when he isn’t doing sermons or visits, follow this thought process. So I just recently had a birthday, and I was thinking to myself, “What would happen if we didn't have birthdays?” –I know silly question. How would we know how old we are? Okay maybe parents could tell us, but what if they forgot? What if you didn't have any system or way of finding out? If there was no recollection of history, and no one around us would we think we always existed? Okay. I’m done now. There is just something about the possibilities and the unknown that sometimes my mind likes to think about—I know I am going to love that about heaven. Any who this blog is centered on birthdays. 

Birthdays are like yearly reminders that first, you’re getting older and some people may like that thought while others loathe it—just to let you know, I am in that stage that it is neither a like nor a dislike but rather just confusion. Second, it is a reminder that you didn't always exist. You had a beginning and your end has not yet come, but it will. Now with thinking about communion coming up I realized something.

When you think of communion, it also is a remainder. It's a reminder of what Christ has done for us—more specifically, for you. Think about it. When Christ washed the disciples feet, He is really washing yours. NO? You don't get it? The God who existed for all eternity, who created everything and anything that exists washed your feet. It is a reminder that Jesus didn't come to be served—though He is more than worthy of our service—but rather He came to serve. When the wine and the bread we taken, it was to show that there is a new covenant, with His blood. We have a good relationship with God now because of Jesus, because of the blood that He shed. What are you dealing with? What are you ashamed of? Take it to God because He is there to serve us and we are in good standing with Him.

Communion is a reminder of our relationship to God. And if you are reading this and you are a Christian. I encourage you to join us this sabbath—and if you are reading this after December 12, 2020 my apologies, you can always do communion with your home. This Friday foot-washing will take place in our homes. Then on Saturday during divine service we will have the communion service. If you would like the prepackage “bread and wine” connect with the church and we will get that to you before the service Sabbath. This Sabbath I cannot wait to take the time to remember what Christ has done not just for me but also for you. Blessings and Happy Week!

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