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How To Be Joyful No Matter What


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The apostle Paul wrote his epistle to the Philippians while experiencing the hardships and challenges of being a prisoner for the cause of Christ.  Even though he was going through these extreme difficulties, two of the themes of this book of the Bible are “faith,” and “rejoicing in the Lord”.  Many people (including the writer of this blog) have discovered that chapter 4 of Philippians is filled with pearls of wisdom which can help you be joyful and content, no matter what may be going on in your life.  Here is some of Paul’s advice:

  1. Don’t worry or be anxious about anything.  Instead, present your needs to God in prayer.  Then the peace of God, which is beyond all human understanding, will guard your heart and your mind as you trust Jesus and rejoice in Him. (Philippians 4:5,6)
  2. Instead of thinking and worrying about your problems, think about positive things that are uplifting, pure, and lovely.  Fill your mind with what is true, honest, and just.  Focus on the good aspects of others, rather than their faults.  If there’s something good that has happened or if there is any reason to praise a person or God, think about those things. (Philippians 4:8)
  3. Express gratitude to God for all He is and does. (Philippians 4:6)
  4. Be at peace with others and be a peacemaker for others. (Philippians 4:2,3)
  5. Be kind and forgiving to others. (Philippians 4:5)
  6. Be generous in helping others in whatever ways you can. (Philippians 4:18)
  7. God can help you be content with what you have. (Philippians 4:11)
  8. Remember that God will supply everything that He knows His children need. (Philippians 4:19) 
  9. Keep in mind that God has promised you can do anything through Christ who gives you strength. (Philippians 4:13)

May the Lord bless you as you “give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.” (1 Peter 5:7)

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